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Using the diary as a writing technique was marvelous.It made for a quick and easy read.It grabbed and held my attention for many hours. I highly recommend this book.  Cat Mom ( Amazon Reviewer)

I was on the edge of my seat the entire time I read this. So emotional and intense. It makes it even more amazing that this is true. Amberlight ( Amazon Reviewer)


The events in this story are true
I wrote it down in my diary each night.
Is someone there?
Only when you're alone, can they find you. 

Written emotion. You will feel the pain. Like a car wreck that you see about to happen but cannot do anything about and cannot help but watch, "They Come When You're Alone: The Diary" is the authors true account. Struggling with lingering memories fragmented by time and out of necessity, she chronicles the events leading up to her divorce from her husband and her journey to the brink of insanity and back again. Follow her desperate quest for answers and those who help her along the way and read for yourself her first hand accounts of the spiritual beings that came to her when she was alone. 

These are Diary Accounts 
A Short.


  1. If you have been visited, I would love to know your story. Please tell me. -Vicky

  2. I dreamed last night that I saw one of their faces smiling at me.

  3. Why does a fish have to slowly die on the dock? I won't have it. Threw it back in the water. It slowly swam away. Thank God.