Vicky Crew Fuller was born in a small town in Alabama. Forced to live in a house haunted by angry beings who thrilled in the suffering of others Vicky used her imagination to escape.  It helped her free herself from the darkness. 

 A college scholarship allowed her to follow her dream of acting where. She worked as a puppeteer for three years on a Children's show on the local NBC channel.

Vicky got married, moved to Atlanta to pursue her love of acting and had beautiful twin boys. However, things didn't work out. An imminent divorce brought to the surface feelings hidden from childhood. She ached alone in her room, wishing for death. Then the strangeness began. Someone was coming. Was this a dream?  Vicky's book is a journey seeking truth.  If you've ever been in despair, you will relate to the recollections shared in her diary.

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